Why waste words when you can say it by a picture?

BLAH.BLAH. is creative studio based in Bratislava. Founded in 2016. Studio is focused on making architectural visualizations, graphic design, animations and another creative stuff. In an effort to help others present their ideas properly.


Erik Blaho


Architect with a passion for design, CGI and graphic design.

In addition to architectural practice, he decided to help other studios with the presentation of their projects and products and thus founded the creative studio blah.blah.

Erik studied architecture at the Faculty of Architecture of the Slovak University of Technology. After graduation, he worked in several architectural studios, where he focused on acquiring important skills in all areas of architecture and interior design. Therefore, he worked on projects of all architectural scales, from designing residential interiors through family houses, office spaces, apartment buildings to office complexes, public spaces and designing new city districts. He has enriched this experience by working for real estate development companies and gained awareness of aspects of architecture and design from the other side. With the experience Erik gained after years, he found that the presentation of the project is at least half as important as the content itself, especially for the clients.